The Anjali Method of Teaching Ease

An Advanced Study of The Subtle Modes of

Being, Becoming and Teaching

108 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
with Shannon Paige ERYT 500 and Special Guests

Earth Yoga Boulder 200 hour Mythic Motion Yoga Teacher Training



  1. Early Bird: $950 if paid in full by December 31, 2018.

  2. $1008 if paying after December 31, 2018.

    • Full payment due by 1st day of training module

    • $500 non-refundable deposit

    • Limited Payment Plans Available


Launching in 2019!!!

Weekend Immersions:

  • December 7 - 8, 2019 Mystical Slow Flow & Restore

  • January 11 - 12, 2020 Meditation & Mindfulness

  • June 6 -7, 2020 Anjali Restorative Yoga

  • September 5 - 6, 2020 Meditation & Mindfulness

  • October 24 - 25, 2020 Mystical Slow Flow and Restore

  • December 5 - 6, 2020 Anjali Restorative Yoga

How to Enroll

Step 1: Read the Policies.

Step 2: Download, complete, and return the Application to and

Step 3: Submit your $500 non-refundable deposit and registration forms.

The Anjali Method

Meditation, Mindfulness and Mystery

The Anjali Method is a subtle, full spectrum body of work geared to inspire wellness, mindfulness and the meditation current. To inspire gentleness, suppleness and calm focus, the comprehensive method leverages three principle pillars of practice, these are:

o  Anjali Soulful Slow and Restore

o  Anjali Restorative Yoga

o  Anjali Meditation and Mindfulness


The student experience is rich and benefits from the instructors each being deeply trained and practiced in the above modes of movement and stillness. 

Anjali Method practices can be a pure expression of one of the above pillars or a fusion of two or more, depending on the time and focus allotted for the practice session.

Teachers are expertly crafted through their own explorations and studies.
They are each required to study and express a mastery of the four pillars, prior to certification.

Teacher Training Programming Details

Each Teacher Trainee experiences three inspirational immersion weekends. Each weekend is 27 contact hours, in addition: ten hours of supplemental online lectures, practicum, reading and homework. The full program is 108 CEU.  

These immersion weekends can be taken in any order; however, the following progression is recommended:

o   Anjali Soulful Slow Flow and Restore Yoga

o   Anjali Restorative Yoga

o   Anjali Meditation and Mindfulness


We recommend a prior 200 yoga teacher training, as this is program boasts an advanced yoga teacher training context,
although it is not required for avid practitioners.

Curious about the 3 immersion weekends,
and what they entail? Look no further…

1. Anjali Soulful Slow Flow and Restore Yoga

This is a thoughtful, rhythmically-aligned practice of pervasive, smooth and soulful vinyasa yoga paired with rejuvenating restorative progressions. The effect is a mat-based experience that creates space for the practitioner to explore hidden intentions and inspirations held in the heart. Each session combines slower-paced, mindful movement with sweet stillness, nourishing pranayama, and guided meditation to cultivate profound calm and focus in the practitioner.

 Each class session weaves a myth, tale or mystical inspiration drawn from the instructor’s passionate connection to an ancient, world-wisdom tradition. The elements of story, lesson and archetype are thoughtfully woven through the postures, sequences, pranayama and meditations. The result feeds intellect, insight, and inspiration.

 Instructors of Anjali Soulful Slow Flow and Restore are required to become wise and steeped in their choice of world-wisdom, such as, but not limited to: Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, Shamanism, and Kabbalah Mysticism. This ensures that each voice of our method is passionate, unique, diverse and inspired.

2. Anjali Restorative Yoga

The Anjali Restorative Yoga Teacher will be able to thoughtfully nurture a practitioner, or group of practitioners, through each of the following Anjali Restorative Yoga Sequences:

o   Bhagavad Gita – Anjali Restorative Inversions

o   Shanti Shakti – Anjali Sequence for Spinal Health

o   Ganupati – Anjali Restorative Twists and Forward Folds

o   Chakra – Anjali Hip Stability and Flexibility 

Each Anjali Restorative sequence inspires a set progression of quieting, prop supported postures. Each set sequence leverages the major teachings of an ancient text, archetype or mystical concept. However, Anjali teachers are encouraged to become accomplished within the texts and teachings and then to draw and pair a unique theme, selected from their mastery of a world wisdom tradition. This conveys the set sequence material, guided meditations, and imagery with authentic and wise inspiration. The effect is mind-blowing and profoundly settling.

3. Anjali Meditation and Mindfulness

An Anjali Restorative Yoga Teacher will be a steeped practitioner of one of the three methods of meditation: 

o   Anjali Sense-Based Meditation

o   Anjali Mystic Meditation

o   Anjali Breath-Based Meditation

 Exposed to each of the three above practices, each student teacher will select the one that feels the most authentic and personally beneficial. Each student teacher will engage a powerful and long-term relationship with this method. From dedication, commitment an accomplishment, within the method, will produce an authentic ability to teach and inspire the meditation practice in others.

The immersion into Anjali Mindfulness will reveal the stuck spaces of cognitive bias, fears, doubts and worries that stumble the practitioner and student teacher in the day-to-day. The work of this intensive and body of work will produce the grace that reveals the raw, real beauty and abilities to teach with one’s true heart and voice. This weekend will change your life, guaranteed. Expect to emerge as more of yourself, more able, more willing, more confident and more confidently vulnerable


We will engage the studies in person over the weekend gathering / immersions. Prior to and after each weekend immersion, project, videos and audio sessions will be assigned in the online platform. Expect the workload to be both inspiring and significant. The level of work is to inspire mastery, not busy work.

This program may shift your personal practice and teaching practice into such a subtle and beautiful space, your mind and heart will blow wide open.

Session Times

Saturdays & Sundays 9am - 7pm Plus Online and Independent Study Work
Additional Program / Pillar Modules Will Be Scheduled Throughout 2020 - 2021.