The Methodology

In a process of distinct evolution, continued study and revolutionary execution of a deeply practiced, fully embodied, and transmittable methodology and related bodies of work; Shannon and her guest teachers strive to tune, teach, and transmit the Embody Method. This method moves the students’ mental, emotional and physical awareness from simple stabilizing actions into ever evolving complex forms and sequences to unfold meaning, confident and stable expression, and positive change.

The Embody Method has given way to the School of Embodied Poetry which is the home to several related bodies of work: Anjali Restorative Yoga, Slow Flow and Restore as well as several therapeutic modalities and meditation.

To support and set apart our trainings and to bridge the gap between the ancient wisdom traditions and the cutting edge of science, in each program, module, and training, we involve a distinct adjunct faculty of well-respected collaborators, doctors, healers, and philosophers into the syllabus.

Each program and module includes its own manual available in print or to download as well as a recommended text to support the experience.

We strive to offer a variety of payment plans, work studies and scholarship options for those who demonstrate financial need. Please, do not hesitate to ask. All tuitions paid are non-refundable.

Welcome to the School of Embodied Poetry.