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Emotion Yoga 5-Part Series

Join Kristina Eklund and Sarah Silvas-Bernstein for a 5-part Series of Emotion Yoga at Earth Yoga Boulder!

Wednesdays 7pm-8:15pm
10/25, 11/8, 11/15, 11/29, 12/13

Emotion Yoga is a blend of all-levels yoga flow along with guided emotion journaling.

We focus on one challenging emotion per class: shame, anger, grief, fear, anxiety. Each class includes a stretch into the opposite, pleasurable emotion, and ends with group discussion. Learn to harness the movement inherent in your e*motions through a practice based in both ancient yogic tradition and modern cognitive science. 

A guided journaling page is provided for each class.
In Emotion Yoga, emotions are not obstacles to a clear mind, but rather pathways to a clear mind and to our own embodied excellence. This work is based on the theory that emotions are important messages from our own vast subconscious Self, to our limited conscious awareness. Therefore we want to pay careful attention to our emotions. Each emotion asks for a particular kind of attention - a skill that we build on in this class series. The quality of attention we pay to our emotions matters - after all, e*motions contain the information and energy that can set us into motion in our lives!


Do you…

- sometimes avoid your emotions?
- ever tell yourself you shouldn’t feel a certain way?
- dread time with certain people because of how you feel around them?
- wish you made more time for yourself to exercise and journal, - because you know both of these things would improve your well-being?

In this 5-week course increase your ability to be with your own emotions. Emotions evolved to put us into motion! When we stuff our own emotions we're actually spending more energy than we need to. Like trying to keep a cat in a basket. Learn to listen to the information contained in your emotions and have the felt experience of allowing it to shift both your mind and your body.

What you’ll learn:

- How to interpret your shame, anger, grief, fear, anxiety, and annoyance in a way that reveals a path forward
- Embodied practices that further work to ‘unstick’ emotions and put you back into flow
- How to recognize emotions based on how they show up in your body

Each class includes:
- a focus on 1 challenging emotion & it’s pleasurable opposite
- guided private journaling (worksheet provided)
- a 30-minute all levels yoga flow
- group reflection (you are also welcome to sit quietly with a cup of tea).

Earlybird $75
Regular $99

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