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Safety Pin Box Bootcamp 6-Part Series

Are you Interested in White Allyship & Changing Culture Training?

As historic national tensions build and a call for raising of consciousness radiates louder each day, now to change the patriarchal culture and dismantle the status quo. 

This is why I'm inviting you to Safety Pin Box Bootcamp, which provides this very type of training and awareness for allies and groups who are ready to create high impact within their community.

This program is about ACTUALLY supporting people of color, instead of centering on fragility and talking in circles. It is designed to transform our awareness from education to action-based, measurable outcomes. This program is created by Women of Color, which aids in ensuring that our white allyship is accountable to those who might be impacted by white supremacy. 

Looking to really step up and be an ally, but don't know where to begin or feel like what you have been doing is ineffective?

Ready to give your group a jump start on effective, measurable allyship together?

Want to learn all the basics of dealing with power and whiteness in tangible ways? Then the SPB Bootcamp is for you!


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