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 May 25th, 2017


Well, this moon cycle means to INSPIRE YOU past self-perceived limitations waking and dreaming!


This year has ALREADY been a lot for many of us. We have experienced many major shifts and changes in relationship and financial expectations. The good thing is that if we have been rocked already, affirmation and growth is happening and healing our previously held beliefs. If it has not happened yet, wow, it is time. It is time to shift our previously held beliefs that have kept us small in our relationships, dreams, and finances. This new moon may be a calling to listen to the lady on map quest and re-route if necessary. Sometimes, the new direction, the new way around something is infinitely better than the familiar ‘ol way home. 

Who would you be, if you KNEW that the courage it took to take a turn might reveal your best you? 
Who would you be, if you believed that there are no mistakes, there are only potholes, tunnels, left and right turns in life? 

Bottom-line, sit down and make some promises to stay with yourself THE WHOLE TIME. As this is the call to action, let’s access a great resource together… time and intention. We can use the practices of the morning ritual… ‘the mind dump’, and then some contemplative writing on the quotes and inspirations that will land in your in box. In addition, we will be sending links to some meditations and yoga practices for you to support your evolution. We will use the guiding book of Promises to Myself, by Maryanne Radmacher. 

This is what Astrology King has to say about the incoming moon cycle…

Venus square Pluto is the strongest aspect in the chart apart from Sun conjunct Moon. The minor aspects will trigger irritating or annoying situations regarding your love life or finances that cause you to act. 

These situations or events can have a profound effect on your love life. Power and control issues may arise in existing relationships. Simmering tension may come to the surface as some manipulative behavior like jealousy or possessiveness. At the root of such behaviors would be a deeply buried fear or insecurity about not feeling loved or valued. 

Threats and ultimatums are possible if either partner feels smothered or controlled. An unhealthy relationship may breakdown which would be very painful or dramatic. A well-based relationship will withstand the intensity but there would still be some kind of transformation to improve relationships dynamics. 

All aspects and fixed stars in a chart must be considered but for this and other moon phases I mention only the most significant.


New Moon May 2017 Summary


“New moon May 2017 in the Hyades suggests tears and sorrows. Annoying minor aspects to Venus square Pluto point to the tears or sudden events being related to your love life or finances. 

The irritating effects of any misfortune, no matter how small or remote, will require some corrective action. The remedy will involve, or lead to, a transformation as indicated by any square to Pluto. 

You are already in the middle of a major transformation caused by Saturn trine Uranus 2017. The North Node links up to make this a grand trine aspect pattern shown by the blue triangle. This indicates the positive karma and soul evolution resulting from the transformation you start in the next two weeks.” 

Read details regarding the new moon and its astrological potential here from our friends at Astrology King! 

We will invoke our program with daily inspirations to help support and focus you across the full moon cycle. If we look beyond the shiny and fall back into our truth and most supportive relationships, this might just be a deeply beautiful month full of inspiration and positive personal development. 

For Further Reading… Some Stunning Information about the Full Moon! 


Check out a calendar moon phases, that we LOVE!!!



We will meet (distant, though together) in the morning ‘in box’ with a daily contemplation via email. Of course, you may engage the daily contemplation in any way that makes sense to you; however, a suggested method of process and practice will be offered.

Contemplations will be supplemented with two audio, guided meditations per month, practice ideas, and a Facebook / Instagram community to support our collective endeavor to be and to cultivate #positive #supportive #influence and #celebration of our growth!

You are welcome to join us in person for every New Moon ignition (as close to the date as we can create sacred space for!) at Earth Yoga Boulder during our Bubbles and Beginnings Practice.

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