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Shannon Paige Earth Yoga Boulder Bio

Shannon Paige

Living wholeheartedly as co-founder of Earth Yoga Studio, author, teacher and mentor of yoga teachers around the world, Shannon is a spoken word artist, poet, sacred storyteller and TedX speaker.

Shannon infuses her bodies of work, practices, yoga trainings, webinars and speeches with a fullness of artful living and passion for life and experiences on and off the yoga mat. Her instruments of instruction and expression are detailed and clear, while woven through a seemingly fluid progression of imagery, poetry and truth. She encourages and supports the reader and practitioner to unlock the secrets held in the human heart, release stuck patterns that no longer serve, and attain new levels of integrated and expressive embodiment. She is described, by many who have experienced her, as “confidently vulnerable” and, as a result is one who inspires positive change in the lives of others. Off the mat, she loves to wake surf, run, and spend time galloping on horseback.

Shannon is a loving wife-to-be and a devoted mother. Based out of Boulder, Colorado from her home studio,Earth, Shannon globe trots to deliver transformative talks, workshops, trainings and retreats.

Sarah Silvas-Bernstein Earth Yoga Boulder Bio

Sarah Silvas-Bernstein

Expansively living as co-owner of Earth Yoga Studio, yogini, dancer, and life coach, Sarah inspires an interpersonal remembrance, a coming home to wholeness, that you are exactly as you are. She authentically teaches from a perspective that unifies movement and stillness practices, intuitive ritual, and a trust that the human spirit and body instinctively know how to harmonize. It is from this place that she and her community transform from almost there to “ALL IN.” Sarah’s private and group offerings can be sourced in Denver & Boulder, CO, as well as online at

Rachael Carlevale Earth Yoga Boulder Bio

Rachael Carlevale

Founder of Ganjasana, Cannabis Plant Medicine Yoga; views plants as guru, our ancient teachers, and guides individuals towards deepening their relationship with plant spirit through the practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. She offers tools from the Shipibo tribe Shaman lineage of Peru to support transformative

experiences, that honor the wisdom of the natural world. Certified Yoga Instructor and Mindfulness Educator,Rachael is a regenerative agricultural cannabis farmer, who actively researches Ayahuasca Psychedelic Therapy in the Amazon and leads permaculture, yoga and plant medicine programs to create positive changes for the health of our bodies, our families, our communities and our planet.

Jeanette Burney Earth Yoga Boulder Bio

Jeanette Burney

Jeanette is empowered by the healing and calming nature of yoga to stay in the moment, welcome change and to manifest opportunities in life.  As a physical therapist Jeanette expertly understands how physical alignment, muscle strength and flexibility affect our lives.  She is certified in the Fishman Method to offer a specialty practice of yoga vs. osteoporosis to help students improve bone density and vitality. Her classes and private sessions are deliberate and challenging with an eye to bolster an awareness of inner connections within sustainable postures.  Students experience growth, a lingering stillness and energy in their practice that extends beyond the time on the mat.  She continues to be fascinated by the complexity of the human body and motivated by her patients and students to learn.  Her teachers Shannon Paige, Gina Caputo and Nancy Kate Williams Rau inspire her to seek creativity, face adversity and fine-tune the details.

Ronda Cooper Earth Yoga Boulder Bio

Ronda Cooper

Ronda began her yoga journey with a need and a desire to balance her busy and active lifestyle. She discovered her yoga practice to be the center point to replenish, renew and reconnect on and off the mat. Her focus is to share the awareness that everybody can practice yoga regardless of experience, age, injury, or flexibility. She strives to provide a space that is welcoming, safe and empowering for students to experience the joy and wellbeing the gift of yoga can bring to their lives.

Ronda’s teaching foundation is Vinyasa Flow, she also loves to teach gentle, Yin and restorative styles pushing you to your edge in subtle way, encouraging her students to look within themselves to find their own wisdom and strength to guide them through their practice.

Jessica Bayers Earth Yoga Boulder Bio

Jessica Bayers

Jessica’s purpose is to empower people to see the greatness within themselves. Students get the opportunity to be vulnerable, unapologetic, and take every setback as a lesson of strength and ability during class. Jessica teaches students to balance emotions through asana and mindfulness, a practice applicable on and off the mat. She is described as a vibrant, loving, and passionate being, willing to use the power of her smile to make others feel at ease. Living in the world as a student eager to learn and a teacher ready to teach. You can find her at Earth Yoga teaching Earth Elements in Boulder, Colorado.


Genevieve Coulson Earth Yoga Boulder Bio

Gen Coulson - Social Media Manager

Genevieve is a Social Media Strategist residing in Boulder, CO. When she’s not working in social media she’s teaching kids yoga, & working to further her own yoga practice. A few of her favorite things include: anything goddess, precious stones, spicy chai, a good book, drinking from coconuts, soaking up the sun, and tropical trips to faraway beaches. From hashtags to Hanuman, and everything in between Genevieve works to live a fulfilled life, & hopes that her own non-traditional path will encourage others to follow their hearts as well.  

Kristina Cizmar Earth Yoga Boulder Bio

Kristina Cizmar

Kristina Cizmar is an advocate of Self-care via attention to our emotions and our own hearts. Her approach is based upon a body of work which indicates that emotions are important messages from our own subconscious Self – the heart of who we are. She believes emotions contain the vital energy which can help us to be present, as well as to adapt and move forward in our lives.

Kristina began her practice with a focus on shame, as she faced her own struggle to heal from childhood sexual abuse. She is the author of Trauma-Informed Meditation Exercises, and The Little Book of Shame: What shame really means, & how to shift from low self-esteem to empowering self-acceptance.

Molly McConnell Earth Yoga Boulder Bio

Molly McConnell

In 2013, Molly embarked on her first journey to India. There, she began learning the yoga of slowing down, discovering the power & patience of watching the Universe unfold while completing her 500 RYT with Sampoorna Yoga India. She is happy to now call Boulder home as she pursues study of Ayurvedic medicine. Having led yoga hikes in the Sequoias, a spring break yoga camp for preschoolers, cultural exchange through yoga in Japan and chakra workshops in Iowa City, Molly facilitates a nurturing environment where students feel both supported and challenged to connect to their most authentic selves.