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Shannon Paige Earth Yoga Boulder Bio

Shannon Paige Kenney, Our Founder and ‘Earth Mama!’

Living wholeheartedly as of Earth Yoga Studio and The School of Embodied Poetry, Shannon is an author, TedX Speaker, teacher and mentor of yoga teachers around the world.

Shannon infuses her bodies of work, yoga classes, teacher trainings, webinars and speeches with a fullness of artful living and passion for life and experiences on and off the yoga mat. Her instruments of instruction and expression are detailed and clear, while woven through a seemingly fluid progression of imagery, poetry and truth. She encourages and supports the practitioner to unlock the secrets held in the human heart, release stuck patterns that no longer serve, and attain new levels of integrated and expressive embodiment. She is described, by many who have experienced her, as “confidently vulnerable” and, as a result is one who inspires positive change in the lives of others. Off the mat, she loves to chef, wake surf, and run.

Shannon is a loving wife and dog mama, based out of Boulder, Colorado from her home studio, Earth Yoga.

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Jessica Bayers

Jessica’s purpose is to empower people to see the greatness within themselves. Students get the opportunity to be vulnerable, unapologetic, and take every setback as a lesson of strength and ability during class. Jessica teaches students to balance emotions through asana and mindfulness, a practice applicable on and off the mat. She is described as a vibrant, loving, and passionate being, willing to use the power of her smile to make others feel at ease. Living in the world as a student eager to learn and a teacher ready to teach. You can find her at Earth Yoga teaching Earth Elements in Boulder, Colorado.

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Ronda Cooper

Ronda began her yoga journey with a need and a desire to balance her busy and active lifestyle. She discovered her yoga practice to be the center point to replenish, renew and reconnect on and off the mat. Her focus is to share the awareness that everybody can practice yoga regardless of experience, age, injury, or flexibility. She strives to provide a space that is welcoming, safe and empowering for students to experience the joy and wellbeing the gift of yoga can bring to their lives.

Ronda’s teaching foundation is Vinyasa Flow, she also loves to teach gentle, Yin and restorative styles pushing you to your edge in subtle way, encouraging her students to look within themselves to find their own wisdom and strength to guide them through their practice.

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Jeanette Burney

Jeanette is empowered by the healing and calming nature of yoga to stay in the moment, welcome change and to manifest opportunities in life.  As a physical therapist Jeanette expertly understands how physical alignment, muscle strength and flexibility affect our lives.  She is certified in the Fishman Method to offer a specialty practice of yoga vs. osteoporosis to help students improve bone density and vitality. Her classes and private sessions are deliberate and challenging with an eye to bolster an awareness of inner connections within sustainable postures.  Students experience growth, a lingering stillness and energy in their practice that extends beyond the time on the mat.  She continues to be fascinated by the complexity of the human body and motivated by her patients and students to learn.  Her teachers Shannon Paige, Gina Caputo and Nancy Kate Williams Rau inspire her to seek creativity, face adversity and fine-tune the details.

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Uxia Ellerby

Uxia (oo-shee-ah) is passionate about helping people to experience a deep and intentional practice, with great attention to the energy and healing benefits of yoga. Students love Uxia’s clear and directive style, offering gracious personal attention whenever possible. Uxia discovered yoga in 2006 while working as a senior executive in the fashion industry for a large international Danish company. As her career pace and stress levels grew out of control, her experience of wellness and connection began to dissolve. Yoga was her key

to recovery and awakened her to a fuller experience of life. In 2012 Uxia gave up her work in the fashion world and dedicated herself completely to the study of yoga, as a teacher, and to transform her own life. Since then she has traveled the world exploring spiritual traditions, completed more than one yoga teacher training, numerous teacher enrichments, and has studied in-depth in full-time residential programs with yoga masters in India, Canada, Mexico and Spain. Uxia is also a certified Yoga Therapist (IAYT), and loves to share the power of Ayurveda and yogic lifestyles with her students. 

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Molly McConnell

In 2013, Molly embarked on her first journey to India. There, she began learning the yoga of slowing down, discovering the power & patience of watching the Universe unfold while completing her 500 RYT with Sampoorna Yoga India. She is happy to now call Boulder home as she pursues study of Ayurvedic medicine. Having led yoga hikes in the Sequoias, a spring break yoga camp for preschoolers, cultural exchange through yoga in Japan and chakra workshops in Iowa City, Molly facilitates a nurturing environment where students feel both supported and challenged to connect to their most authentic selves.

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Kristina Cizmar

Kristina Cizmar is an advocate of Self-care via attention to our emotions and our own hearts. Her approach is based upon a body of work which indicates that emotions are important messages from our own subconscious Self – the heart of who we are. She believes emotions contain the vital energy which can help us to be present, as well as to adapt and move forward in our lives.

Kristina began her practice with a focus on shame, as she faced her own struggle to heal from childhood sexual abuse. She is the author of Trauma-Informed Meditation Exercises, and The Little Book of Shame: What shame really means, & how to shift from low self-esteem to empowering self-acceptance.


Athena Ray Sweeten

Athena Ray Sweeten is a yogini, dancer, and healer from Franklin County, Tennessee. She has been practicing yoga since 2006 and deeply enjoys seeing practitioners of all ages, skill levels, and abilities embrace the treasure of movement. Sweeten earned a Modern Dance Liberal Arts Degree from Middle Tennessee State University, where she discovered her calling in the explorative nature of dance and movement. She began her teaching journey in 2016 at Kula Yoga Shala in Jupiter, Florida. After moving to Colorado later that year, Sweeten furthered her yoga education by completing a 100-hour Ganjasana yoga teacher training with founder Rachael Carlevale. Since then, she has hosted her own yoga & dance goddess gatherings and has been featured at CannaVenture events and Ganjasana ceremonies.

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Kaci Wall

Kaci’s personal yoga practice was sparked by her religious studies background in college as an effort to partake in an unfamiliar spiritual practice.  She started teaching yoga in 2012 after her practice helped her recover physically, emotionally, and spiritually from a debilitating back injury. Kaci has spent years since diving deeply into anatomy and physiology studies and building a strong corrective exercise background to assist in building neuromuscular awareness and overall balance. Her primary passion is helping others find their most authentic transformative experience through a variety of yogic practices not limited to asana (poses) while bringing awareness to the differences between “yoga” and “exercise.”   After teaching in the Nashville, TN community for several years, Kaci relocated to Boulder, CO where she now resides with her significant other Drew Campbell of FC Boulder, and her dog Chief.

Jessica Jarvis

Jessica Jarvis

Jessica first found yoga in college seeking a movement practice to fill the void after dancing as a child. Originally from Maryland, Jessica discovered her hometown studio offering Shiva Rea inspired PranaVinyasaⓇ classes and was immediately. Jessica completed her 200hr certification with Andrew McAuley and Entrained Living yoga, an affiliate of Shiva Rea PranaVinyasaⓇ. 

 From a love for creative expression, fluid movement and deeper connection to self, Jessica can be found teaching Dynamic Vinyasa and slower paced restorative practices, churning through the layers to focus on the deeper YOU. 

 As a self proclaimed nerd and metalhead yogini, you can find Jessica sharing her funky nature in unique yoga practices, with the emphasis on the experience designed release from daily constraints letting freedom and movement be the guide.

 Jessica resides in Denver with her two pets, when not teaching enjoys exploring the surrounding area, spending time in nature to recharge away from screens and traffic

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Michelle Richards

Michelle is a yoga teacher in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Driven by her passion for the world of healing, she infuses her body of work with informative anatomical alignment, exploration of present-moment awareness, and deep inquiry into the emotions and the mind. With her background in contemplative psychology, somatic psychology, meditation and yogic philosophy from Naropa University, Michelle invites one on a journey home to the Self. Her instruments of guiding this journey is the weaving of safe and effective cuing, meditation and pranayama, the inclusion of myth and story, and the mindful coloring of music and sound. She encourages her students explore their edge while using one’s own intelligent discernment, and to trust in their internal process that is the guide toward healing---and to not forget to have fun while doing so! Michelle is described by many as warm, passionate, and grounding. Off the mat she enjoys exploring outdoors, rock climbing, and jammin’ out to some awesome tunes! You can find her teaching at Earth Yoga Boulder and climbing rocks at Earth Treks in Golden.

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Carole Ly Sing Lao

Carole is a peaceful warrior whose classes focus on self-empowerment and fierce intention! She likes dogs (not just the down dogs), reading, silly comedy and fantasy shows where beasts and romance rhyme. She loves yoga because when all goes bonkers, it brings her back to life. Yoga is a philosophy, a practice of insight and mindfulness….it may come easy and not so easy. And we shall flow with it. Ultimately it brings physical and mental calm which allows more space to learn and blossom. Carole aims to give authenticity and accountability in her practice and teaching style. She believes growth lies in stumbling, falling, getting back up and doing it again. It’s a fun ride when everything is looked upon as yet another adventure! Her career as a massage therapist influences her approach to alignment and health and she incorporates hands-on adjustment to help connect body and mind. She is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT® 200 teacher who learned from many wonderful teachers whom she honors as her guides: James Morrison (her first teacher), Lisa Walford, Ganga White & Tracey Rich, Jimmy Barkan, Philip Christodoulou and Kelly Green

Cassie McCale

Cassie Oso

Cassie is a yoga teacher, writer and eternal student. She weaves guided meditation, breathing practices and self-study throughout her classes. With supportive music and clear cues, she encourages practitioners to listen to their own body. She is described by many as creative, curious and imaginative. Her classes are designed to restore your body, mind and spirit ~ leaving you centered and refreshed. Off the mat, she loves hanging with her pup, checking out art and finding new music. You can find her teaching practitioners of all levels in Boulder, CO.


Helena Jacobson

An adventurer, a traveler, a creator; it was not until Helena found meditation and yoga that she found herself again. She lives in service to this beautiful lifestyle that saved her physical and mental health. Yoga has sparked her creativity, inspiration, and her passion for life. She wants to promote healing and wellness in everyone she meets. She followed her wanderlust and set forth on a journey to India. There she completed an intensive Sattva Yoga 500 hour YTT in Rishikesh, India, the Yoga Capital of the world. She studied the ancient traditions in the foothills of the Himalayas learning hatha vinyasa flow, tantra kundalini, pranayama, meditation, kriyas, laya, and Himalayan traditions. This comprehensive study was followed by teaching on the banks of the Ganga in Rishikesh, India. In addition, Helena also studied Reiki and sound healing while gaining experience empowering others. She enjoys an all-encompassing, integrated practice both on and off the yoga mat. Helena honors where each student is on their journey while inviting you to step into your power in order to reach your full potential.

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Kenneth Brehm

Connecting soul, body, and mind through music, movement, and meditation Kenneth was inspired by the ancient tradition of yoga to transcend his own dark nights of the soul. As a result, Kenneth has journeyed for many years along the Yellow Brick Road in search of Oz. The journey has provided beauty and contentment as well as hardships and exposure to the darker sides of humanity. Kenneth has been developing a yoga practice to sharpen the intellect, open the heart and find the courage to keep going with the hopes of one day coming home to self.

“No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn”


Lily Sussman

In 2013, while traveling alone through Mexico, Lily stumbled upon a yoga training center. Ever since, yoga has been a constant companion through life’s many twists and turns. She loves the space yoga provides for healthy movement, increased self-awareness and community. She is passionate about sharing the physical asana practice with her students while exploring how lessons from yoga can enhance other areas of our lives. She has studied with a variety of yoga teachers in the United States, Mexico and India.  She holds a Master of Science in Public Health from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Baltimore and works as a public health professional when not on the yoga mat. Lily moved to Colorado from Baltimore in 2017 and is reveling in all the mountains and sunshine.


Paige Klumb

Paige is a yoga teacher, Reiki level 1 practitioner and forever student.

She infuses her teaching with meditation, pranayama, dynamic asana and fascia release.

Her instruments of instruction are a sense of humor, 5-part cuing and alignment. She encourages practitioners to come as they are with the ability to laugh at themselves as they grow in their practice. She is described by many as a fun spirited and ever present human. Off the mat Paige enjoys music, travel, and the great outdoors. You can find her teaching in Boulder, Colorado

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Mariana Rittenhouse

Mariana first came to yoga in 2011 as a way to bring more balance into her hectic New York City life, but it wasn’t until she attended her first Kirtan at The Bhakti Center that she started to understand what it truly means to be a yogi. Over the years, she’s delved into the world of Bhakti through mantra, the study of Vedic texts, and her travels throughout India. In her classes, Mariana seeks to create a spiritual home for her students to experience true wellness and the connection of mind, body & soul.

Outside of the yoga studio, Mariana is a dedicated student of Cha Dao (The Way of Tea) and practices crystal bowl sound healing. She leads both tea and sound ceremonies from her home nestled in the Boulder mountains.

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Alexandrea Achstetter

Hoping to explore into the deep realm of your inner adventurer, Lex is a world traveler, aspiring documentarian, and creative teacher. She is an inspiration to those looking to pursue their depth, sink into their souls and fulfill a passion for development on and off the mat. In her classes, she encourages her students to be shamelessly comfortable in their bodies and supports the challenging battles we struggle with in everyday realities. She is described as “unapologetically edgy”; as a result, she motivates empowering change in the lives of her students. Off the mat, she loves to snowboard, sip craft beers, listen to music, host inspiring interviews, soak up the sun and hike with her dog. Lex is currently teaching weekly yoga classes and private sessions based out of Boulder, CO but you can practice with her wherever you are by following her online, where she uploads relatable meditations free of charge. When not at home, she roams the world to pursue trainings, retreats and amazing explorations.