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Not All Yoga Teacher Trainings
Are Made the Same!

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What Sets the
School of Embodied Poetry Apart?

Earth Yoga Teacher Training Disrupt Status Quo

Things are not OK in the world right now.

It seems we’ve forgotten who we are. What we are.

And we’re struggling.

We all deserve to receive the goodness of life.
To feel safe. To belong. To love and create.
To feel deeply supported. Seen. Here. Now.
Where you are.


You’re here, uniquely constructed as you, to actualize what’s possible.


And in embodying that, you make a profound difference. In teaching from that embodiment, you stand for something.


Just imagine what it might be like to be a part of something
bigger than yourself – and much bigger than your worries.


To really find your ‘people’.

To feel in your bones an unwavering sense of coming home. To be the expression of what you believe in. And to make a profound and meaningful contribution. To make your life matter.

This is your permission slip to do exactly this.


This is your permission slip to step out of boredom, out of stress, out of “going through the motions” to survive your day, leading an unexamined life.


This is your permission slip to step into your body. To see your life through fresh eyes.

To be and become what you desire.

Earth Yoga Teacher Training How Different

1. It’s the only Embody Method Immersion teacher training to be offered in in 2017.

Teaching yoga will likely be one of the most rewarding and awe-inspiring paths you’ll embark upon. Facilitating yoga experiences – in essence being a yoga teacher – is much more than cuing a series of physical shapes. Learning about and teaching poses is merely the gateway (one of many gateways) for something much bigger. 

Two months to upgrade your life.
We will meet Friday - Sunday each weekend
  Fridays 6 - 9pm
Saturdays 9 - 7pm
Sundays 9 - 6pm

1. September 22 - 24, 2017
2. September 29 - Oct. 1, 2017
3. October 6 - 8, 2017
4. October 13 - 15, 2017
5. October 20 - 22, 2017
6. October 27 - 29, 2017
7. November 10 - 12, 2017
8. November 17 - 19, 2017

In this yoga immersion and training we bring to life the potential in our practices with a limited-size group of curious people who are ready to question, explore and shake things up.

We create spaces where we feel that we belong, where we feel at home.
We inspire hope, belief and trust. We move and be moved, challenge and be challenged, with the perfect blend of practical knowledge and spiritual meaning.

It’s for this reason that Earth Yoga is affiliated with the School of Embodied Poetics. This method is the foundation for how you grow into yourself – the self that is beyond your current day construct of who you are. The self that is limitless and full of agency. The self that is easeful and all knowing. The self that is true, conscious and imbued with wellbeing.

2. The format is student-friendly

We’ve experienced a lot of immersions and teacher trainings and have seen what works wonderfully, and what is less effective. From our own experience and knowledge we have intelligently structured this training in a way that brings together the best of immersive experiences, along with space and time to integrate and meet the material with your preferred learning style.

We believe the world doesn’t need more yoga teachers per se,
but more practitioners.

So first and foremost, our vision is to usher in more yoga practitioners who are empowered with tools and a love for the practice that they can take into how they live their life – be it a mom sneaking in 15 minutes for herself each day, a busy executive managing stress levels, a builder stretching out after a hard day on the tools, or a teenage girl learning how to love her body.

That’s why we offer the Embody Method immersion program– to create a container for practitioners to flourish. And from that flourishing – and a consistent daily practice – a strong desire to share it widely with others through teaching asana may become clear. 

The timing of the program gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to deeply immersing in the material, while receiving content in homeopathic doses so you can integrate the practices and insights into your life without overwhelm. Once the practices are alive within you, you’ll be ready to step into the teaching stream with passion, clarity and confidence.

3. The content is our secret sauce


While you’ll learn how to be an exceptional teacher,
you’ll also learn more about you – and that’s invaluable.

Our focus is on providing the pathway for you to embody the teachings in a way that resonates for you. Rather than staring at text books and external information, our approach is to get inside the teachings. Our playful attitude to embodying the physical alignment and anatomy of the body gives an experiential internal knowing of these essential aspects of self.

Similarly, we approach abstract concepts of the yoga philosophy in a tangible way that is down-to-earth and easily applicable to your life. It’s not about gurus or lofty esoteric concepts – all you need to know is within your own body, and we’re here to help provide the map and support for you to explore your own territory.

You’ve no doubt felt the difference in yoga classes when the teacher is speaking from a place of deep knowing and experience rather than regurgitating scripts and yoga platitudes – this is what will make you stand out as a teacher, and as a more aware and awake human in the often messy humanness of life.

4. This is the ONLY PROGRAM where you earn a 200 hour YTT Certification^ + Anjali Restorative Yoga Certification^ + a SUP Certification* + Learn to Wake Surf!

The difference between good and great yoga teaching
is learning to leverage your authenticity and natural gifts from sound skills.

Let this unique, cutting-edge and wisdom-based 200-hour yoga teacher training offer you confidence in the foundation skills of sharing the art and science of empowered alignment, thoughtfully sequenced Vinyasa, Anjali Restorative, and Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga as means to share your authentic voice and passion for yoga. 

We exceed industry standards and hours and is registered with the Yoga Alliance.
We strive to help you exceed the basic skills that prepare you to embark on a professional path in yoga.

*at the Boulder Reservoir // ^ at Earth Yoga Boulder

5. The Power of Community

This is one of the greatest joys of a training like this – the opportunity to meet a community of like-minded people to connect and have fun with. Past teacher trainees are still very much a part of the School of Embodied Poetics programs. They offer a web of connection for each other that continues to foster and inspire growth, inquiry and benevolent service to their families, communities and the world at large.

6. The "Gets"

It is a massive commitment of time and resource and in many instances,
a leap into a big life change.

We are dedicated to the personal and professional growth of those who wish to make this commitment, jumps towards a positive life change, and serve as a yoga professional. To this end, we strive to support your sound skill development and your authentic voice.

In addition to gaining inspired skills to confidently deliver your yoga offering, leave our training with:

  • A self-directed, yoga marketing package
  • A Professional Bio
  • A Portfolio of Ten Amazing Classes (that YOU created)
  • A 20 Minute Audition Class, Ready to Go!
  • 2 Months Unlimited Yoga (For YOU and a Friend for only $5 per class)
  • Unlimited Practice Teaching Studio Time (to be scheduled around existing offerings and through management)
Earth Yoga Teacher Training Get Started
Earth Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials What Others Are Saying

In This Program We Will Explore...

A hallmark of our training is the mentorship program.
Each 200 hour student is paired up with a teacher who is understands this program’s methodologies, having been through it personally and is actively engaged in the 300 hour Continuing Education Program, Mandala.  

We will meet Friday - Sunday each weekend
  Fridays 6 - 9pm
Saturdays 9 - 7pm
Sundays 9 - 6pm

1. September 22 - 24, 2017
2. September 29 - Oct. 1, 2017
3. October 6 - 8, 2017
4. October 13 - 15, 2017
5. October 20 - 22, 2017
6. October 27 - 29, 2017
7. November 10 - 12, 2017
8. November 17 - 19, 2017

*Exact times subject to change.

Earth Yoga Teacher Training Meet the Teachers
Shannon Paige Earth Yoga Teacher Training Intensive
Sarah Silvas-Bernstein Earth Yoga Teacher Training Intensive

Upon completing this program you will be equipped to practice safely and teach others in a range of diverse settings. This course allows you to become a Certified Yoga Instructor, Registered with Yoga Alliance. This course also offers current teachers and holistic health practitioners deeper knowledge and inspiration to evolve further on their path.

All School of Embodied Poetry graduates are offered support on their journey. We guarantee you will graduate with a wealth of knowledge, a strong support network, a warm, open heart, and if you'd like....a space to call home!

SAVE $200 with our Full Payment Pricing!

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Limited space allows for a personalized, hands-on training for YOU!
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Step 1: You will be required to fill out a short online application.
Once completed, email your application to Namaste@EarthYogaBoulder.com
Step 2: Your Application will be reviewed for approval.
Step 3: Upon application approval, you will be emailed a payment form to pay a $500 deposit (or you can choose to pay in full).
Step 4: You will receive an email from Shannon and Sarah with your supply list, manual, schedule & syllabus.

Scholarship Opportunity!

We have received a generous scholarship donation, which we want to pass on to YOU for the 200 hour Fall Yoga Teacher Training.

There is only one scholarship available, which will be awarded by September 8, 2017, after management has reviewed all submissions.

The recipient of this scholarship will be able to enroll in the Fall 2017 Yoga Teacher Training for only $1,408*, which is a massive tuition discount!

 What are you waiting for?
Apply TODAY by clicking on the image below!

*Full discounted tuition of $1,408 must be paid in full within 72 hours of scholarship award. If discounted tuition is not paid within this period, the scholarship will then be offered to another applicant.

And PS...

If you don’t think you’re good enough or advanced enough or skinny/bendy enough, or some other excuse around not having the right clothes/ time/ support,



It’s an age old trick for your ego to protect the you that you were yesterday.
But you’re not that person – just like the progressive program of nature,
you’re continually evolving.

To what level, and to what fulfillment – that’s up to you.


If you’ve been letting that river of potency run dry, for whatever reason,
now is the time to change things up.


You’re enough, and really, yoga has nothing to do with being bendy.
Our only prerequisite is your curiosity.

The world needs practitioners and teachers like you more than ever.

And at the end of it?
You will be unrecognizable –
to yourself and to others.


In Devotion and Love,