Earth Align classes aim to build essential confidence and embodiment for a healthy and healing yoga practice. Align classes offer focused instruction that results in the practitioner’s embodiment of essential skills, techniques, and a meditative calm. These classes are STRONG but not sweaty. They are foundational in focus and develop thoughtfully within simple to more complex actions, postures and movement patterns. By instructing in this manner, the practitioner is able to develop strength, grace, and opening. This class is appropriate for all healthy and healing beginners to intermediate and advancing students.

Align & Flow

Align your body in its optimal orientation of integration to radiance and earth to sky and EVERYTHING unfurls into a conscious and connected freedom. Through an aware balance of six distinct, yet simultaneous principles, experience physical, emotional and spiritual aha’s. This earthy, smart and sustainable vinyasa practice changes so much…… Align and…. Flow.

Hearts & Hips

It has been said, “open hips equal an open heart and an open heart means a grounded life!” We could not agree more! This sweet yoga session engages deep, integrative and opening hip practices. It pairs them with inspiring chest expanders, ‘spine-lengtheners’, and lower back feel-good-stabilizers!! The overall effect is… smile after smile, an open heart and grounded life! Explore a vinyasa yoga practice that makes your butt and brain feel good!

Bhakti Flow

Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of devotional spiritual consciousness. In Bhakti, we move our bodies as a way of aligning ourselves to our true selves nature and the divine. This traditional vinyasa flow class begins with inspiration from the Vedic texts to reflect on throughout the hour. Students are then led through an invigorating, yet meditative flow that is suitable for both the new practitioner and experienced yogi alike. The class finishes with some light mantra to seal in the practice. Students leave feeling grounded, refreshed and connected through mind, body & soul.

Dynamic Flow

Earth’s DYNAMIC FLOW and TEA classes are comprised of intelligent ALL LEVELS progressive sequences. These flows move from simple to complex actions, postures and movement patterns. Your body and practice will unfold with strength and grace towards appropriately fun and inspiring peak asanas. The Dynamic Earth Flow and Tea classes build sound skills and introduce intermediate postures and techniques as well as build a little bit of heat and sweat! The result is a growing embodied confidence, yogic skill set, and focused, calm mind. The reward? A soothing mug of tea and a little laughter and shared time! This class is appropriate for all healthy beginners, intermediate beginners, and intermediate to advanced practitioners.

Anjali Restorative Yoga

Anjali Restorative Yoga, founded by our Founder, Shannon Paige, is a well-respected style of nourishing, gentle yoga. Anjali Restorative Yoga is a rich practice of deep and meditative support, both physically and emotionally. The practitioner is held by bolsters, pillows and blankets for sustained periods of time in deeply rejuvenative postures. The hallmark of an Anjali Restorative Yoga practice is that the restorative spaces are held with incredible detail to ease, rich imagery, guided meditations, and restoring pranayama, or breathing practices.

Slow Flow & Restore

Love myths? This is your practice! Every movement, breathing practice and image hinges on mythic archetype and storytelling! Within the telling of a Hindu story, the sharing of an ancient tale, this inspired yoga practice follows a deep, slow, and breath-centric vinyasa towards a restorative yoga finish. The effect is a stronger sense of connectivity to Self and a clearer perspective on other. As such, life circumstances and emotional challenges lose power and drama. Gain a sense of ease, expanded self-leadership, grace, and meditative relaxation that compounds over time and effectively inspires, creates, and supports lasting positive change.

Nourishing Vinyasa

Similar to a traditional vinyasa, this class is guided by the flow of movement with breath. While the practice is active and flowing, it also emphasizes principles of grounding – both physically and emotionally – to enable the individual to go deeper within. A nourishing vinyasa is carefully crafted to be both accessible and inspiring, often incorporating extensive balancing sequences, while providing modifications to best support the entire class. With sequencing designed to honor the body’s intelligence, our hope is that you leave this class feeling more compassionate toward yourself and more comfortable in your skin.


Qoya classes, which are a blend of yoga,dance, and community connection, are based on the idea that through movement we remember.

We remember how to trust our body as our sacred guide, embody our soul, and live a life aligned with our truth by following our intuition. Wise, wild and free also draw reference to the movement forms we practice: wise–the wisdom of yoga, wild–the creative expression in dance, and free–the freedom to enjoy our bodies through feminine movement.

No experience necessary! There is no way to do Qoya wrong and the way you know you are doing it right is that it feels true to YOU.

Morning Chant & Meditation

Come chant with us! Whether you love your voice or think you can’t sing - your voice is welcome. We’ll chant in call and response fashion and finish with a short meditation. Chanting has many benefits including clearing the mind for better focus and attention, opening the chest and lungs for easier breathing, and creating a vibration that helps us release our thoughts and sink into our heartspace for a more easeful meditation.

Come as you are, cushions are provided. Feel free to arrive with your morning beverage of choice, or help yourself to a cup of tea.

Traditional Indian musical instruments are welcome.

Earth Yin Yoga

Particularly in the west, our lives and yoga practices flow from a place of Yang. Yin offers the balance…Effortless effort….Rewire tension patterns. Release stores of trauma in the facia. Allow space for healing in its time. The surrender to time and gravity without force is a deep and meditative practice to drop us into the parasympathetic nervous system. At the same time we are working deeply in the facia, joints and ligaments for deep release and healing.

Flow & Medicinal Herbs

Learn to connect with your plant teachers and allies though the practices of Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. Discover the wisdom of the natural world and the benefits of a different medicinal herb each week as we consciously refine our awareness of plant spirit medicine.

Yoga for Athletes

This yoga class is geared toward athletes to address common sport specific muscle imbalances that occur as a result of their active lifestyle.  With a heavy emphasis on anatomy and physiology, this class is intended to educate and empower athletes as to what happens to their bodies with exercise and the best corrective exercises to balance those movement patterns.  This is an ideal class for people who are "not that into yoga," but want to experience the benefits of a yoga asana (poses) based corrective movement practice.

Flow Yoga & Meditation

A 60 minute class centered around a themed meditation. Breath work and guided imagery will prepare the students for a slow flow, with the intention of opening up energetic channels of the body to prepare for quiet sitting. The class will end in meditation, either guided or silent. Feel free to bring a journal to capture any insights that arise during your practice. This is an all-levels class, but some experience with meditation will be helpful.

Balanced Yoga and Trumpet Meditation

One could say that Life and Music is a balance and play of tension and relaxation, similar to the yin and yang principle in everything. Nature provides a continuous dance within and around tension/relaxation and yin/yang. This, 90 minutes, all levels class will explore the infinite ways in which one can play with the spectrum of tension and relaxation in our bodies, and within the sound of music.

Yoga vs Osteoporosis

This specialty class uses yoga to slow bone loss and enhance new bone growth.  It is carefully designed for people with osteoporosis, osteopenia and for people wishing to use yoga as a preventative tool against osteoporosis.  You will practice poses and sequences based on medical research.  Students leave with a sense of empowerment, balance and calm. The focused attention to each pose aims to improve posture, balance, strength, range of motion and coordination.  Attention to breath and bhandas help deepen the practice. Come ready to practice each pose with vigor! The more muscles we recruit the better we stimulate bone growth. Previous training in the poses and sequences are strongly recommended. Watch for our Yoga vs Osteoporosis workshops or contact Jeanette for a private session. Questions: email Jeanette Burney, PT, RYT-500 at

Chant For Wellbeing

Chanting is a practice which guides the mind to rest and opens the heart. In this class we build on these benefits by bringing a gentle focus to emotional well-being. We begin by settling in to our postures and connecting to our inner self with a guided emotion contemplation. The intention for our chant is to allow stuck feelings to arise with our inhale and release into the exhale of the sound. We prepare our voices with a simple warm-up exercise and explore the meaning and pronunciation of the words. The chant is in a "call and response” style accompanied by live harmonium music and finishes with a short peaceful meditation. No experience required, all voices and hearts welcome.

This non-yoga related fitness oriented class is open to all experience levels, and is designed to give you a full-body workout while building muscular strength and endurance.  The class consists of plyometric interval training designed to get your heart rate elevated to improve cardio-respiratory function and boost metabolism.  Though the class is challenging, we encourage you to work at your own pace and emphasize safety in developing stability and proper alignment over pushing limits.  

Earth Fit: HIIT

Sacred Dance

Sacred dance is an improvisational movement practice that cultivates body awareness.  Through this inclusive dance, we will explore our vessels using movement modalities, yogic philosophy, and conscious stillness. Ignite your senses, intuition, and imagination! 

Partner Dance

We begin with a check-in and personal or expressed focus (joy, balance, boundaries, assertiveness, peace, heart, etc...). We will explore how to connect with another through various connecting exercises, taking turns leading and following. We will feel what it means to connect with the music, a partner, and the space around us.